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Japanese Research in Business History (JRBH) makes business history research from Japan accessible to English-speaking audiences and aims to share the knowledge of Business History Society of Japan (BHSJ) with scholars around the world. Every volume includes feature articles on BHSJ’s characteristic topics, especially Japanese business history, giving the broader global audience access to leading Japanese research in the field.

BHSJ published the first edition of the Japanese Yearbook on Business History in 1984 with the aim of disseminating the latest business history-related research to a global audience. After 20 volumes, the BHSJ decided to change the publication’s title to Japanese Research in Business History in 2004. The JRBH usually consists of two parts: feature articles and a review of selected books on Japanese business history published that year. BHSJ also decided to transition to an open-access framework in 2019, thereby enabling access to all articles—from the latest issue to back issues—on the BHSJ website and J-stage, the online publication platform for more than 2,000 academic journals in Japan. In addition to publishing articles in English via the JRBH, the BHSJ also issues a journal in Japanese.

JRBH has been supported by a publication grant from Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation.


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Current issue

Introduction: The Diversity of “Emerging Markets”: New Perspectives from Japan and the Asian-Pacific Region in the Pre-World War II Period

  • Naofumi Nakamura


The First Global Economy and the US-Japan Locomotive Trade: A Case Study on Baldwin Locomotive Works and Frazar & Co.

  • Naofumi Nakamura


France and Mitsubishi in the Emergence of the Aeronautical Market in Japan: On the Benefits of General Trading Companies (1918–1928)

  • Hisayuki Ōshima


The Worldwide Expansion of Japanese Trading Companies and US Enterprises in the Oil Market During the Interwar Period

  • Hideyoshi Yagashiro


Exploring Emerging Markets: Mitsubishi and Early Japanese Automobile Exports to Australia, 1930-1937

  • Keishi Okabe


The Organization of a Sawmill Industrial Area in Postwar Japan: The Case of the Shimizu Port Lumber Industry Cooperative

  • Hiroto Taniguchi


Review of Selected Books on Business History Published in Japan in 2022