2nd World Congress of Business History - 24th Congress of the European Business History Association


“Business History in a Changing World”

9-11 September 2021, Online

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The 56th Congress of the Business History Society of Japan


December 5-6, 2020

Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan


Past plenary sessions

2019 The modern entrepreneur group from Keio University: The relationship between educational background and career path

2018 Situating business history: Going beyond national, disciplinary, and methodological boundaries

2017 Local companies in global market: The case of the Fukui prefecture

2016 Comparative studies on general electrical manufacturers in Japan, Germany, and the United States

2015 The evolution on railway technology in East Asia

2014 New horizons in business history

2013 Marketing and manufacturers in business history

2012 The impact of the financial system change on corporate management after the World War II

2011 From local to global

2010 Entrepreneurship in the frontier region

2009 Tradition & innovation: The message from Kyoto companies

2008 What was the “distribution revolution” in the high-growth period of Japan?

2007 Entrepreneurship and regional regeneration


2005 Organizational capabilities of multinational enterprises in Japan after World War II

2004 Transitions in customer-oriented management from the perspectives on demand and consumption creation

2003 The competition between big businesses and SMEs